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Divisa Informática y Telecomunicaciones  wants to put within reach of all, a Web with accessible design so that the greater possible number of people can get the information which is transmitted and use the services that through it are lent, independently of the limitations of the person or whom are derived from the use context.

In order to reach this target, the WCAG 1,0 accessibility guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0) established by the work group WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) that belong to the W3C (Consortium World Wide Web) are considered. In particular, it is wanted that this Web fulfils the guidelines that are applicable of priority 1, all the guidelines that are applicable of priority 2 and a subgroup of the guidelines of priority 3.

Thus, in the design of Divisa iT Web the following guidelines have been followed:

  • Marking Labels
  • Available, intuitive and alternative navigation systems.
  • Alternative descriptions in the images.
  • Verifications in the visualization with different navigators and devices.
  •  Use of universal and alternative formats.

Size of text

The accessible design allows that the user can fit the sources to the size which is more suitable. This action can be carried out of different ways according to the navigating Web used. Next, the menu action where this functionality is in the most frequent navigators is indicated:

  • Mozilla Firefox: View > Size of text > Increase Internet
  • Internet Explorer: View > Size of text > bigger
  • Internet Explorer Mobile: View > Zoom > bigger
  • Konqueror: View > zoom
  • Opera: View > Zoom > %
  • Safari: View > Make text bigger
  • Google chrome: Tools > Activate zoom

Technical configuration

Web Sites

Together with the standards of Web accessibility, 1,0 XHTML Transitional standard to mark the content and the cascading style sheets (CSS) has been adopted for the design. These standards guarantee the access to the information through any navigator that follows the standards and the recommendations of the W3C.

Formats of the contents

In some cases, it could be that HTML web sites are complemented with contents available in other formats of presentation. In these cases, formats already implanted and with free plug-ins have been chosen

Pdf format

In order to read pdf documents, the full version of the Adobe Reader program has had to be installed. It incorporates a plug-in of accessibility for people with visual difficulties: Download Adobe Reader This link opens in a popup window

Flash format

Flash Format is used for videos, animations or integration multimedia

Download Flash connector This link opens in a popup window

Useful information about accessibility

Next a number of organized links in different useful categories is exposed to obtain more data about the accessibility.

Accessibility technical norms and documents:

http://www.w3c.org/This link opens in a popup window

World Wide Web consortium, work group of international scope that determine the main lines related to the Web.

http://www.w3c.org/wai/This link opens in a popup window

Web Accessibility initiative of the W3C.

HTML code, CSS Style sheets validators and Accessibility:

http://validator.w3.org/This link opens in a popup window

HTML code validator

http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validatorThis link opens in a popup window

CSS style sheets validator

http://www.tawdis.net/This link opens in a popup window

Taw validator: verifies diverse aspects of the accessibility of Web sites.

Contact to improve the accessibility

Help us to make our Web accessible, we will thank any suggestions and commentaries about the accessibility, you can send a message through the contact you will see in the upper of the Web.

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