Divisa iT, Informática y Telecomunicaciones

Divisa iT, Informática y Telecomunicaciones
Together we innovate
Commitment, knowledge,
quality and innovation.
Together we innovate.
the companyCommitment, knowledge, quality and innovation. Together we innovate.


Our company, Divisa informática y Telecomunicaciones S.A., Divisa iT, was created in the technologies sector in 1981 and throughout this time the constant factor that has presided over our work has been the capacity for evolution, through anticipation, knowledge and innovation as the continuous ingredient in our activity. We are a technology and services company in the IT sector.

Our  main aim is to provide our clients and partners with a value through our technology and knowledge, in a joint innovation scenario. The assets of the organization are to be found in our company culture, in a solid base of applied technology know-how, and in the human team, which is the essence of our organization.

The spirit of Divisa iT and therefore of its people is based on the commitment of our whole organization, with our clients and partners, competence, know-how, and with the quality of the work, under a common goal of constant achievement, motivated by an illusion and belief in what we do and in our purpose which, further to the strictly business and professional side of matters, extend to the ecosystem that surrounds us, accepting as parallel commitments, what is ethical - moral in developing our activity, respecting the environment in which we live and a social commitment with society in general.

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