Divisa iT, Informática y Telecomunicaciones

Divisa iT, Informática y Telecomunicaciones
Together we innovate
Commitment, knowledge,
quality and innovation.
Together we innovate.
the companyCommitment, knowledge, quality and innovation. Together we innovate.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Divisa Informática y Telecomunicaciones. S.A. (Divisa iT), it is a company of technology and services in the ICT sector, (Information and Communications Technologies), dedicated to the consultancy, design, development, implementation and keep of information systems; to implementation of computing and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as the additional services of support and operation.

Divisa iT's policy, within the framework of its activities, is based on:

  • The activity oriented to the client, to which we contributed to the union of the technological knowhow with the sectorial knowledge and the one of the own activity of business in where we applied it.
  • The competition and capacity of innovation, through the quality of our work, the advance, and the knowledge, like continuous ingredients of our activity.
  • The establishment of targets beyond the strictly enterprise and professional ones, that they have as scope the ecosystem that surrounds to us, assuming like parallel commitments: the ethical-moral one in the development of our activity, the respect with means in that we lived and a social commitment with our people and the society in general.

This Policy is put into practice through the establishment of an Integrated Quality and Environmental System and with the implementation and improvement of this system, so that the acquired principles and agreements are known and understood by all the organization and the company environment.

Quality and Environmental Policy and is based on the following main lines of performance:

  • ALL THE ORGANIZATION'S COMMITMENT, of proactive and responsible way in its function, with the innovation, the competition, the knowledge, and with the quality in its work, under a common objective oriented to the excellence by means of our collaboration and continuous improvement, and the respect to environment, motivated by an illusion and belief in which we do and in our aims.
  • KNOW THE EXPECTATIONS OF OUR CLIENTS, so that it allows us to establish the necessary plans of action, so that our products and services are from their full satisfaction.
  • IMPLENT A CULTURE OF GLOBAL QUALITY, based on the excellence of our performances, under a model of collaborative and coresponsible work, to get our objectives and the total satisfaction of our clients, providing to them products and services to the maximum level and according to their expectations.
  • PRESERVE THE FULFILLMENT OF OUR COMMITMENTS, so that all our performances, products and services are developed under the professional, social frame and of environmental commitment defined by Divisa iT, fulfilling with our rules and the legislation and applicable regulations, with a special emphasis in the prevention and monitoring of the contamination.
  • ESTABLISH OBJECTIVES AND AIMES of quality and environmental, implementing indicators that allows us, of periodic way, to know our results and review, propose and apply the measures of improvement and correction that are determined according to the case.

Our commitments are assumed by all the organization. The Direction of the company will be in charge to watch over by its pursuit and supervision, assuring its fulfilment, and the revision of same for its improvement and adaptation.

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