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Document management designed for integral data management
Proxia® technologyDocument management designed for integral data management

Proxia® Technology: Products

The technological platform

Proxia® is a technological platform comprising a series of applications and tools designed for initiating data systems and Internet processes, not only for addressing the management and constructed publication of data but also using this as an ingredient for building services through processes. Proxia® Suite lets us build portals service intranets and specific applications that help to build and replicate business processes on Internet.

Productos PROXIAHigh resolution image. This link will open using lightbox, there may be a context switch The Suite is built around four main pillars: Proxia® Content Manager, Proxia® Document Manager, Proxia® Portal Server, Proxia® Business Process Manager and Rules Server. It is completed with tools such as Proxia® Forms Server, Proxia® SQL Engine and others.

Solutions built with Proxia® Suite have demonstrated their capacity for managing large volumes of data, their performance compared to a high number of concurrent requests and their integration capacity with third party applications. All this makes Proxia® Suite a professional, robust, scalable, interoperable and highly trustworthy platform.

Proxia suite
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