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Divisa iT, Informática y Telecomunicaciones
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Infraestructures and OutsourcingEngineering, service, productivity and quality


Engineering and services are our activities, in the infrastructure area. Our designs of system architectures are professional and robust, with capacity and capability of operating in heterogeneous environments, to process systems, storage and multimedia communications. Special attention is given to availability of systems, scalability to prevent the future growth and environment security. We have an extensive offering of services with global coverage, from design, implementation to support and subsequent assistance.

In outsourcing, our aim is to work for our clients with productivity and quality as our goal. In the field of Information System we deal with functions and projects of clients. We provide highly qualified staff, methodologies of work, process management and a high knowledge of technology and activity. Services of design and implementation of technical offices are included in this area.

Finally, we want to point that, this area also deal with services that are provided to our clients from Cloud Services Center. This ensures and guarantees correct operation and access to services provided by them.

  • We are experts in design, setting, implementation and tuning of business support infrastructures from hardware and communication infrastructures, middleware subsystems and integr...
  • Cloud Services Center (CSC, from now on) offers services of management and control and process services. The Centre of Operations and Datacenter, both integrated in CSC, offer th...
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