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Divisa iT's application known as eVisado is classed as "EXCELLENT" by SESPA (Insurance Service of Principado de Asturias)

Monday, June 11, 2012

eVisado The application management area of SESPA is carrying out exhaustive processes of verification, performance and stress tests of the running systems.

On these processes Divisa iT’s eVisado application has highlighted, being its performance classed as excellent. All test carried out on eVisado application has ended up without any errors and with excellent indicators. The indicator report is stored and published on the Knowledge Portal of the Principado de Asturias

eVisado automates the successive process of electronic prescription endorsement by it allowing to debureaucratize the work of the Inspection Areas.

It includes electronic signature and components to its integration with the AP and AE Information System, such as, pharmacological record and with the future electronic prescription facilitating so information flow and improving the control over visa prescriptions

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