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Divisa iT develops and implants new Portal website of the city council of Valladolid: www.valladolid.es

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last 17th of May of 2011 and being international day on Internet, the city council of Valladolid published on the Internet its new municipal portal website.

It has been built using technological platform Proxia®. It has a renewed design, http://www.valladolid.es/This link opens in a popup window has been thought as the gateway to several information, actions, programs or services that the city council put at disposal of citizens by as well as entry of other portals or web environment related to municipal area.

Municipal website 2.0 where concept of "citizen participation" is highlighted and interrelation with citizens prevails. Citizens are seen not as a receptor of information and services but as producers of knowledge, opinion and suggestions.

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