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Divisa iT implants telephony IP in the city council of Avila

Friday, February 18, 2011

The city council of Avila has successfully ending up migrating its traditional system of telephony for an up-to-date telephony IP platform. In developing of the project Divisa iT has worked closely with TI department of the city council.  It involved implanting more than 200 terminals in 32 municipals services. 

As Mr. Miguel Angel García Nieto (Avila's Mayor and President of Castilla y Leon FRMP) stood out in the service opening, holding last 16th of February, new opportunities in the relationship with citizens are opened.  Citizen may communicate with the city council not only using traditional devices (ordinary telephones and mobiles) but also telephony IP, such as skype, for this purpose an account has been created, "ayuntamientoavila". Divisa iT and TI department  of the city council, which is run by Mr. José Manuel Izquierdo, are implanting this new services platform, with a 24/7 availability that allows citizen inform about incidents on a public road, accessing telephonically to municipal information, participation on opinion polls, etc.

In the image, from left to right:

o José Manuel Izquierdo:TI director of the city council of Avila

o Álvaro de Miguel: Divisa iT

o Miguel Angel García Nieto: Avila's Mayor and President of Castilla y Leon FRMP

o José Francisco Hernández Herrero: Deputy Mayor of HR and new technologies


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