Divisa iT

Divisa iT

Thermographic Cameras

Public health, the highest priority

¿Qué ofrece?

What do thermographic cameras offer?
Cameras that immediately identify fever and prevent physical contact with a minimal margin of error, for installation at high volume traffic ingress points.
  • Thermal Fever DetectionHigh-speed, precise screening without physical contact.
  • Access and Capacity ControlEven with high volume traffic of people.
  • Artificial IntelligenceOnly people; exclude other heat sources in your readings.
  • SoftwareSimple installation on site. Scalable functionality.


Discover the main features of our thermographic cameras
  • High speed scanning (1 sec.)
  • Artificial Intelligence (only people)
  • Generate audio/visual alerts
  • High capacity crowd flow
  • Permits person identification
  • Alternative software options available
  • Prevent physical contact
  • High precision (±0.3° Centigrade)
  • Operational range from 1.5 to 9 meters
  • Detect up to 30 people simultaneously
  • Video in thermal and colour feeds
  • Installation and technical services included

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