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Proxia® phr4Rx
Proxia® phr4Rx

The involvement of the patient is a key factor in the success of their treatment, so we help you improve their therapeutic adherence.

¿Qué ofrece?

What can Proxia® phr4Rx offer you?
With Proxia® phr4Rx information about the treatment, medical prescriptions and control over dosage come together in a much more efficient system. Discover the new way to monitor and control medication and its usage.
  • Access to Prescription and GuidelinesWe offer you a solution that keeps your patients informed about the medication prescribed, its guidelines, side effects, etc. Furthermore, it allows integration with AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products) information that offers further details on prescribed medications.
  • Control of intake and therapeutic adherenceIncorporation of alerts and notifications about intake, facilitating the control of adherence to prescribed guidelines.
  • Extension of control over intake and following of prescriptionsIncorporation of valuable services, such as the collection of information to ensure the effectiveness of applied treatments.
  • Integrated support with assistance applicationsProxia® phr4Rx, through the use of specific APIs included as a product extension, is integrable with your healthcare applications. A solution adapted to you and your patients.


Get to know the principle characteristics of Proxia® phr4Rx
  • Online mode, integration with assistance applications
  • Offline mode, patient control
  • Native apps
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Control of intake and histories
  • Incorporate external sources, AEMPS
  • Specific integration APIs
  • Barcode reader

and also...

  • A sensible and easy to manage UX
  • Access to medication histories and intakes
  • Customisable
  • Adaptable to your organization