Divisa iT

Divisa iT

Planning, monitoring and optimization of tasks for orderlies and assistants

Through Proxia® TaskDrive, the generation, assigning and reporting of your healthcare tasks is converted into a simple, automated process. Discover all we have prepared for your centre.

Plan your healthcare tasks, from any location, whenever you need to

A good healthcare organization directly improves the care of your patients, and with Proxia® TaskDrive you have a platform in which to manage your non-specialist healthcare professionals.

What does Proxia® TaskDrive offer?

  • img_kanbanimg_kanban
    Kanban for tasks

    A Kanban board offers managers the opportunity to consult all healthcare tasks in the hospital at a glance, together with the availability of non-specialist healthcare professionals at all times.

    Create tasks and checking their status has never been so simple.

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    Automatic or manual assignment of tasks

    Proxia® TaskDrive is able to manage the automatic assignment of healthcare tasks, considering factors such as the training of your professionals, their availability or location within the centre.

    Your care process, self-managed.

  • img_informesimg_informes
    Reports and Statistics

    Data analysis, at the service of the improving the quality of your healthcare.

    With Proxia® TaskDrive, extract statistics by professional and group of professionals, evaluating the tasks performed and incidents that occurred in your hospital.

  • img_professimg_profess
    An App for the professional

    The centralized organization of healthcare tasks is essential, receiving feedback from the professionals who perform them is too.

    For this reason, we integrate apps for the caretaker, in which they receive notifications about new tasks, and update the status of their completion, as well as having the ability to create new tasks, uploading them to the general dashboard.

  • img_integraimg_integra
    Integration with your HIS

    Proxia (R) TaskDrive; a complementary and incremental element of your healthcare applications.

Some of the tasks you can manage...

    Postural changes

    Manage tasks associated with each of your patients, regulating times, emergencies and the location of each patient.

    Allow your patients to subsequently evaluate your professionals via the patient space (module not included).

  • img_trasladosimg_traslados
    Patient transfers

    Impose tasks on a specific or periodic basis, coordinating your orderlies in the hospital processes of your patients.


    Periodic hospital tasks? No problem, manage the routines of your professionals in a simple way.

    Allow your professionals to include tasks from their mobile devices and leave them "in queue".