We are Divisa iT, we manufacture technology, we have more than 40 years of experience in the market, and at the time, we were pioneers and innovators of what was later known as the Internet, the services within it, and derived telecommunications.

There have been many projects throughout our history, from the launch of one of the first commercial Internet access nodes in Spain (1994), to the development and implementation of our current technology, Proxia® suite.

Proxia® is capable of creating solid Information Portals and services, with high performance, and easily scalable. The sectors in which we have implemented the solutions that flow from this technology are disparate, from electronic administration, to the health sector, through the education, tourism or agri-food sector.

In all our projects, we surround our technology with a consulting base, accompanied by great technical support and backing. We adapt to the productive and business processes of our clients, digitizing and innovating in each development carried out.

We have vision, we add value, we provide business solutions. We are Divisa iT.