Divisa iT

Divisa iT

Soluciones en Turismo
Solutions in Tourism

We energize and guide your tourism offer with the help of technology

¿Qué ofrece?

What do we offer?
We take advantage of the synergies between the actors involved, and we help you to orient your offer towards what the tourist expects at each moment
  • We are oriented to the touristBecause tourists not only look for monuments or resources, but are open to proposals to take advantage of their free time, complementing their stay with accommodation and catering, guiding based on their tastes and companions.
  • Looking for synergiesBecause the effectiveness of tourism depends on the interrelation between the public and private sectors, our technology and solutions are oriented towards the promotion of experience and the interrelation with private agents.
  • Smart tourismBecause we know that mobility is essential for tourists, but as long as it provides innovative services. Our bets for the "virtual guide" and intelligent notification systems allow us to go a step further.


Knowledge and technology at the service of Tourism
Because we combine the best of both worlds, we know what the tourist expects by squeezing the technology to the maximum
  • Orientation towards experience
  • Maps and georeferencing
  • Routes and other suggestions
  • Around
  • Traveler's notebook
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Multi-language
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Search and promotion of offers
  • Smart search engines


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