Divisa iT

Divisa iT

Soluciones en Administración Pública y Ciudades Digitales
Solutions in Public Administration and Digital Cities

At the service of your citizens, betting on collaboration

¿Qué ofrece?

What do we offer?
We have always understood that the collaboration between the administration and the citizen is vital for the achievement of your objectives, for that reason we design our solutions based on this principle
  • Adaptation to regulationsWe know the needs of the administration and the legal and regulatory framework in which it operates. With our solutions we offer a ready-to-use environment that strictly conforms to current regulations.
  • Focus on the citizenBecause we think that the relationship with the citizen is the reason of being of the administration. For this reason, our products focus on facilitating the relationship with the administration, obtaining personal or business information or carrying out procedures and services.
  • CollaborationBecause a digital city is a city in which the administration, the citizens, the companies, the self-employed and the associations must collaborate to achieve a new form of relationship that results in a greater benefit for all.


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