If you are a person with experience in the development of JEE applications, with experience in XML / XSL, MVC2 development frameworks, database analysis and you are looking for a professional environment to apply your knowledge and face new challenges to satisfy your technical and functional inquisitiveness, we have the offer for you.

We are looking for professional analysts-programmers with demonstrable experience for immediate incorporation into the company's development department. Their role would be the development of applications in J2EE technology and self-management of their work

Candidates must provide references as a guarantee for the demonstrable experience in the knowledge of development frameworks, especially in MVC2 and database analysis.

People with the capacity to work in teams, face new challenges, propose alternatives and solutions, etc. are required.

We offer immediate incorporation and a salary according to your experience and potential. Send us your CV. We would love to know some of the applications in which you have intervened. Tell us everything you know.

You should provide:

  • Minimum qualification: Technical Engineer - Technical Engineer in Management Computing
  • At least 4 years of experience
  • Be a person with initiative, dynamic, creative and proactive
  • Analysis and self-management capacity
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Be ordered
  • Special attention to detail