We are looking for a graphic design professional with proven expertise in the design of web and mobile environments as well as advertising graphic material and with more than 5 years of experience.

The professional we are looking for needs to have the following skills:

  • Analysis of customer needs regarding design
  • Design-layout of mobile and web environments
  • Development of proposals and reports of justification of graphic designs
  • Coordination of the works associated with pre-sales and related to design proposals
  • Production processes of the different graphic elements required
  • Justification, planning and evaluation of work and report of tasks
  • Control of graphic or multimedia elements of third or free payment sources
  • Coordination and supervision of external freelance designers
  • Management of the company's image, design proposal and internal and external communication both from the point of view of advertising material on paper and in web environment
  • Management and control of graphic information of the company, both internal and external

We are looking for a person with the following abilities:

  • Be a person with initiative
  • Be dynamic, creative and proactive
  • Be innovative and bold
  • Have self-management capacity
  • Have the ability to work as a team
  • Be orderly and with special attention to detail