11th September 2018

Carlos Martín Tobalina, Vice Councillor of Economy and Competitiveness for the Junta of Castille and León, closed the "Digitize or Disappear" event (celebrated yesterday at the headquarters of Divisa iT in the Boecillo Technology park) with a dose of reality ahead of the challenges of digitalization and differing speeds of the businesses and regional administration. In the words of the Vice Councillor, the Junta of Castille and León is the largest employer in the region, whose digitalization is essential for an "improved, more efficient service" to the public.

Asistentes Evento DoDHigh resolution image. This link will open using lightbox, there may be a context switchAsistentes Evento DoDAccording to Carlos Muñoz, managing director of Divisa iT, throughout yesterday’s event, they had "analysed the digital disruption that is being produced, the expected impact not only on the economy, but in business activities, in understanding, and in the scope of a real social transformation of the habits and formulas of exchanging and communicating individually and collectively, and that which acts as leverage in the changing of the preestablished, conventional order".

Throughout the event, Muñoz insisted on the importance of the correct execution of the "digital transformation in our organisations and institutions who are the factors that can ensure its success, but who are also the most common obstructions that hinder and even derail progress".

The event featured the expert Adolfo Ramírez Morales, author of "Digitize or Disappear", as a special guest and curator of the talk. Ramírez Morales was able to detail the "keys to transform and compete in the new era" to the attendees, among whom were counted more than 30 businesspeople, senior managers and public officials.

According to Ramírez Morales, the digital strategy faces a variety of roadblocks in its execution, highlighting particularly the absence of effective leadership and the presence of a "bacteria status quo" that inhibits the will to change in organisations.

The round table event, moderated by Emilio del Prado, commercial director of Divisa iT and president of Data Economy Spain, underlined the importance of execution and leadership in the strategies of digital transformation, as well as the need for a favourable European regulatory context that would permit competition with American multinationals that are at the forefront of digital activity.

Alberto Hernández, managing director of INCIBE, claimed his organisation had undergone its own transformation, from the broad, multidisciplinary beginning of the old INTECO to its present focus on cybersecurity. Hernández warned of the low level of awareness of business leaders who continue to see cybersecurity as an unwelcome expense, rather than an investment.

Ángela de Miguel, president of CVE and vice president of CECALE, took advantage of the moment to explain that offices are being forced to modernize due to the irruption of digital tools and AI, forcing a focus shift to the value added to the customer.

Lastly, Carlos Fraile, managing director of Renault Nissan Consulting, commented that no organisation of any size currently has all of the necessary digital capabilities available internally, which creates the need to search for partners and external collaborations in its activities.

The event, celebrated in the real-world SparkSpace at Divisa iT headquarters in Boecillo, showcased the offline version of the corporate social network solution for businesses from Divisa iT. SparkSpace is a solution oriented towards digitalization of businesses across diverse sectors, providing a platform for streamlining communication and collaboration between executives, employees and collaborators.

Added to this communication is the possibility to create ad-hoc services with which to digitize an organisation’s processes. Through these, the Spanish company aims to bring more added value when compared to other solutions already present in the market.

All of this is presented in an environment with a great degree of customization, not only in marketing and corporate identity, but even at the UX structural level.

In its determination to build a solid brand, the company is hosting a variety of technological and networking events, at which professionals from diverse and distinct sectors will be able to present their points of view and hold informal debates about how technology and digitization can bring added value to their businesses.

More information available at: https://www.divisait.com/proxia/en/sparkspace-events