12 de octubre de 2018

Seguridad profesional al alcance de su organizaciónSeguridad profesional al alcance de su organización

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We'd be delighted to see you at the TRADE SHOW - Stand 6

You are invited to attend the open demonstration of the Authpoint solution:

24th October at 13:45 - Demo Space 1

"Strong authentification (MFA) from Divisa iT and Watchguard"

Divisa iT offers, to organisations of every size, the latest technology in security solutions with Authpoint, a Multi Factor Authentification (MFA) solution from Watchguard, a leading manufacturer in security. The experience demonstrates that a policy based solely on username/passwords is no longer sufficient if you want to remain secure, and that an MFA solution provides a robust, additional layer that utilizes mobile devices, using the paradigm "something you know" + "something you have".