Divisa iT

Divisa iT

Soluciones de gestión sanitaria
Health management solutions

We automate processes to optimize your dedication and maximize your results.

¿Qué ofrece?

What do we offer?
We provide different health management solutions aimed at improving your processes
  • Management of Temporary DisabilityWe offer a unified vision of the management of Temporary Disability, by automating the flow of information throughout the associated process and with full integration with the INSS and the S.I. of Primary Care
  • Health Benefits ManagementWe provide a comprehensive solution that enables the management of expenses associated with the health referrals of patients, considering the life cycle of the benefit
  • Electronic Visa for Medical RecipesIt automates the process of successive visa of medical prescriptions allowing to de-bureaucratize the work of the Inspection Areas. Integrable with the systems of Primary and Specialized Care, as well as with the pharmacological history
  • Electronic Recipe SignatureEnables the incorporation into the prescription processes of an approved electronic signature solution, by means of an integrable portfolio with different Electronic Recipe solutions


Get to know the main features
  • Strong sectorial knowledge
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Integral management of the life cycle

  • Solid and scalable architecture
  • Report generation
  • Integration with other assistance solutions