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Divisa iT

Proxia® Hygia
Proxia® Hygia

Integral teleconsultation solution in the cloud with support for videoconference and image transfer.

¿Qué ofrece?

What does Proxia® Hygia offer?
Proxia Hygia brings a complete cloud teleconsultation solution to your portfolio of services, public or private, and aimed at collaboration between different healthcare professionals
  • Medical information exchangeEnables the exchange of medical images (DICOM) as well as reports and diagnostic tests, thus avoiding the need to give access to your private network to external professionals.
  • Security and pseudonymisationGuarantees the security of transfers and the anonymity of the patient. Applies metadata removal techniques in DICOM images, intelligent masks in reports and other tests, and irreversibly pseudonymizes patient data.
  • Integrated video conferencingProxia® Hygia includes an integrated video conferencing solution based on the WebRTC standard and in which you can also share documents; host a chat, and use a shared digital whiteboard.
  • Back office integrationAllows integration with your HIS or PACS solutions, in a way that the derivation process is automated. If you cannot, no need to worry, because Hygia also offers you an autonomous referral environment


Learn about the main features of Proxia® Hygia
  • Public or private cloud
  • DICOM images viewer
  • Video conference
  • Security
  • Customization

and also...

  • Pseudonymization DICOM
  • CIE-9 and CIE-10
  • Secure transfer of reports and images
  • Catalog of benefits
  • Application of masks
  • HL7
  • Face-to-face, non-face-to-face and urgent modalities
  • System usage reports

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