Divisa iT

Divisa iT

Aulas conectadas y seguras
Connected and secure classrooms

We provide you with the knowledge and technology so that the digitization of the classroom is a success. We build the digital school.

¿Qué ofrece?

What does Connected and secure classrooms offer?
Exploiting the advantages of digitizing the classroom is your mission, ours is to provide you with experience and technology so that everything goes smoothly. Build with us a structured and secure Wi-Fi network for your educational center, university and university residence.
  • Connectivity Wifi Coverage problems? School wi-fi with network saturation? Outdated cabling? With Divisa LX we will analyze all the possible problems present in the network, so that it does not stop the implementation of your educational methodology.
  • Safety and preventionBecause the best security is prevention, we allow you to effectively control what students do with their devices. Limit the applications, the time ranges, in a distributed, secure and centralized manner.
  • FinancingBecause we bet on a new way of doing things, we offer you advantageous financing conditions. We will call you to tell you what we can do for you.


Get to know the main features
  • 100% wifi coverage in the school center. Schools and classrooms connected.
  • Secure, structured and organized network
  • Protection, securing navigation and network traffic
  • Management and control of applications in devices, DMD
  • Technical support. Monitoring and management of the digital classroom.
  • Scalability. Add AP's or Switches to increase the capabilities of your digital college.

and also...

  • Get Wifi 6 technology
  • Allow Roaming between AP’s
  • Integrate your network with your active directory
  • Manage high user density
  • Differentiate the navigation of your users

Divisa Learning Xperience, connecting students, building future.

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