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The power of data in your decisions

¿Qué ofrece?

What do our Business Intelligence services offer you?
At DIVISA IT, we help you organize and display your data, so that you can rely on them to take your strategic decisions.
  • Existing information sources analysedWe help you to have all your information and its origins clear, establishing a starting point and objectives to start the work.
  • Extraction, transformation, and loading of data in a unified environmentWith the different information´s sources clear, we facilitate the migration and unification of your information in a single repository.
  • Analysis and improvement of data´s qualityBecause the quality of the data is crucial for the extraction of correct analysis, we correct the problems that may arise in these.
  • Generation of operational dashboardsWe display your information in a very clear, visual and intuitive way. Check the information out and generate daily reports.
  • Continuous improvement and scale of data processing Because we believe in continuous improvement, we help you continue to grow the system.


Learn about the main advantages of our Business Intelligence services
  • Optimize the use of your data and improve the decision-making process
  • Turn your raw data into information and knowledge for your company
  • Get a global, clear and accessible vision of your company and its performance
  • Cuenta con datos actualizados y previsiones precisas
  • Win competitive advantages by implementing improvements in your processes

and also...

  • Count on our consultants specialized in BI and technology
  • We adapt to your operating and business model
  • We work with best in class BI tools
  • We move your data to the cloud

Business Intelligence solutions, the power of data in your decisions.