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Proxia® City Voice

Improve the management of citizen participation in your town hall. Improve the quality of life of your citizens.

¿Qué ofrece?

What does Proxia® City Voice offer?
We help you to improve citizen participation, through a complete system with AI, that solves the generation, reception and management of the requests submitted by your citizens about events that take place in the city.
  • Management tool for your citizen serviceIt has a powerful management tool, in which you can receive, classify, manage and resolve the requests you receive from your citizens. It has desktop and app versions. Quickly and easily analyse requests received using Business Intelligence dashboards.
  • Personalised app for your citizensAlways up to date, your citizens will be able to consult the information regarding the status of their application, as well as other information of interest in the city, such as traffic status or events.
  • Chatbots with AI for Telegram and Whatsapp. NLP for emailsSimplifying the user experience to the maximum, you will have Telegram and WhatsApp channels, so that, in a guided way, citizens can submit their applications. Do you receive requests by email? Without a problem, you will have NLP technology to analyse and classify the demands you receive.
  • Complete integrations within your work ecosystemFrom start to finish, Proxia® City Voice offers you a fully integrated experience with your current work environment.


Learn about the main advantages of Proxia® City Voice
  • Increases citizen participation, simplifying and improving user attention
  • Increases efficiency in managing requests. Automate your processes
  • Improve the transparency of your municipal management.
  • Integrates and unifies the entire process in a single tool

and also...

  • We customise the product with your municipal branding

  • It has a complete notification system

  • Set up type responses for your requests

  • Integration with certificates cl@ve or DNIe

Proxia® City Voice, increases citizen participation, improves the quality of life in your city.

Proxia® City VoiceProxia® City Voice