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Divisa iT

Proxia® Ecclesia
Proxia® Ecclesia

Transparency, participation and collaboration at your fingertips.

¿Qué ofrece?

What does Proxia® Ecclesia offer?
Having Proxia® Ecclesia we respond to your needs for transparency, participation and collaboration of your institution
  • TransparencyWe offer you publishing solutions for the diffusion of your plans and offer of figures in different formats. We bet on Open Data and we offer you not only a publication environment, but also APIS and tools that facilitate the publication of your backend data.
  • ParticipationBecause we believe in citizen participation and we are convinced that there is no better way to show it than through an active participation of them, putting simple tools at your fingertips: blogs, forums, surveys, discussion areas of plans, participatory budgets.
  • CollaborationYour vocation of service as an institution is expressed through collaboration with the different social agents of your environment. We offer different services and solutions that make easier the relationship with the administration to workers, companies and associations.


Get to know the main features of Proxia® Ecclesia
  • Open Data environment
  • Plans of the City Council
  • Transparency portal
  • Multiple format publication (graphiques, etc.)
  • Citizen requests
  • Blogs, Surveys, Forums

  • Participatory budgets
  • Presentation of proposals
  • Inter-company collaboration
  • Collaboration with different actors
  • Collection of ideas