Divisa IT S.A.U. is a technology and services company in the ICT sector, (Information and Communication Technologies), dedicated to the consultancy, design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems; to the implantation of infrastructures of computing and telecommunication, as well as to the additional medium and operating services.

The policy of Divisa IT in the framework of its activities is based on:

  • Customer-oriented activity, to which we bring the union of technological knowledge with sector expertise and that of the business activity itself where we apply it.
  • Competence and capacity for innovation, through the quality of our work, anticipation, and knowledge, as continuous ingredients of our activity.
  • The establishment of objectives beyond the strictly business and professional, which have as a scope the surrounding ecosystem, assuming as parallel commitments: the ethical-moral in the development of our activity, the respect for the environment in which we live and a social commitment with our people and society in general.

This Policy is put into practice through the establishment of an Integrated Quality and Environment System and with the implementation and improvement of such system, so that the principles and commitments acquired are known and understood by the entire organization and by the environment of the company.

The Quality and Environmental Policy is based on the following general lines of action:

  • Commitment of the entire organization, proactive and responsibly in its function, having innovation, competence, knowledge, and the quality of our work, under a common goal oriented towards excellence through our collaboration and continuous improvement, and respect for the environment, motivated by an illusion and belief in what we do and in our goals.
  • Know the expectations of our customers, so that it allows us to establish the necessary action plans, in a way that our products and services result from your entire satisfaction.
  • Implement a culture of global quality, based on the excellence of our actions, under a collaborative and co-responsible work model, to achieve our goals and the full satisfaction of our customers, providing products and services at the highest level and in accordance with their expectations.
  • Preserve the meeting of our commitments, so that all our actions, products and services are developed under the professional, social and environmental commitment framework defined by Divisa iT, meeting our regulations and the applicable legislation and regulations, with a special emphasis on prevention and monitoring of pollution.
  • Establish quality and environmental goals and targets, implementing indicators that allow us to periodically know our results and review, propose and apply the improvement and correction measures that may be determined.

Our commitments are assumed by the entire organization. The Management of the company will be responsible for ensuring its monitoring and supervision, ensuring compliance, and reviewing it for its improvement and adaptation.

As a result of our organization's firm commitment to sustainable development and care for the environment, in the 2022-2023 period, we have managed to reduce our gas consumption by 25.13% compared to the same period of the previous year, thus complying with the environmental objective that we had set ourselves for said period.