Graduates, with technical autonomy for the development of the solutions requested using the specific technologies of the profile.

They will assume the functions of development of components, modules and elements of the applications in which they have been assigned, and must have the knowledge and capacity for the technical approach of the most suitable solution. We are looking for frontend programmers for Web environments with 3 years of experience and the knowledge and personal characteristics listed below:

Technical skills

Knowledge of the following technologies, tools and standards:

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Web Accessibility (WCAG 2.1)
  • Vanilla Javascript, jQuery
  • EcmaScript 6, Typescript
  • REACT.js (16+), using functional programming
  • webpack, babel
  • Knowledge of OODBMS (IndexedDB, others)
  • Node
  • Configuration management (npm, yarn)
  • Version management (git)
  • Testing (JEST)
  • Aesthetic taste.

Personal profile

We are looking for people with the following profile:

  • Minimum experience in the requested technologies of at least 3 years.
  • Must has a gift with teamwork and project development following agile methodologies.
  • Autonomous in the application of technical knowledge to the work that arises.
  • Enthusiastic about technologies and software development.
  • Ability to communicate
  • Responsible