Graduates, with technical autonomy for the development of the solutions requested using the specific technologies of the profile.

They will assume the functions of development of components, modules and elements of the applications in which they have been assigned, and must have the knowledge and capacity for the technical approach of the most suitable solution. We are looking for a professional with demonstrable experience in the management, configuration, deployment, adjustment and parameterization of systems and web applications, with knowledge in the different areas of software development. He/she will be integrated in the development area of the company as part of a consolidated and senior team. The candidate must have experience in the provisioning, configuration, implementation, administration and maintenance of the infrastructures necessary for the deployment and operation of web applications in java environments. Candidates must have 4 years of experience and with the following skills and personal characteristics:

Technical knowledge and experience.

The professionals we are looking for must have extensive experience in:

  • Operating systems; both linux and Windows and knowledge in virtual machine deployment.
  • Web applications in java environments, with experience in administration, configuration, optimization and maintenance of Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, HAProxy servers.
  • SQL and Database administration; used to work with ORACLE, SQL Server and PostGreSQL.
  • Use and management of code repositories; such as GIT, github
  • Scripting languages
  • IT automation systems; task automation
  • Cloud Computing Platforms; AWS, Azure DevOps, Google Cloud Platform
  • Corporate services (file service, DNS, LDAP and Active Directory, NPS, ...)
  • Experience in CMS administration
  • Experience in secure programming, TLS secure communications and networking knowledge.

We value

  • Experience in container structure design (securitization)
  • Knowledge of cloud environments
  • Knowledge in code analysis tools
  • Knowledge in web accessibility and SEO
  • Advanced knowledge of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography

Personal characteristics

Among the personal characteristics that the candidate should have:

  • Enthusiasm for technology and programming
  • Enthusiasm for teamwork
  • Ability to work creatively and analytically, in an environment where quality and innovation are paramount
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • A desire to excel professionally