The professionals will join our Infrastructure Area as a member of a consolidated and senior team.

In the case of profiles more oriented to data and communications networks, advanced knowledge and extensive experience is required:

  • Network electronics (switching and routing).
  • Wireless networks (wifi and wimax)
  • Perimeter security (firewalls and advanced content filtering).
  • HA systems and configurations.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
  • Corporate IT Services (DNS, LDAP and Active Directory, NPS, Antivirus ... ).

Accreditation of technical certifications such as Cisco, Meraki, HP, WatchGuard, Fortinet, Sonicwall, Cacti, Nagios, video surveillance systems, cybersecurity and ITIL will be highly valued.

For profiles more oriented to the implementation of hardware infrastructures, middleware and applications, experience and advanced knowledge is required in:

  • Design, implementation, administration and maintenance of heterogeneous IT services, complex system integration projects, both in physical and virtual environments.
  • Windows and Unix/Linux systems (in its different distributions).
  • Virtualization Systems (VMware, HyperV)
  • Storage and Backup Systems and backups.
  • High Availability Systems in Unix/Linux and Microsoft Systems.
  • Mail Servers (Postfix, Microsoft Exchange).
  • Corporate IT Services (file service, DNS, LDAP and Active Directory, NPS, ... )
  • Cloud environments (Azure, AWS) and on premise to cloud migrations.
  • Knowledge of SQL and database administration.

Accreditation of technical certifications of reference, such as HP, Microsoft MCP, VMWARE Certified Professional, CCA, among others, will be highly value

The professionals will have among their functions to carry out needs analysis, elaboration of technical offers, presentation to clients. They will lead the implementation of the infrastructures that are the object of the offered position, while participating operationally in these projects.

They must be accustomed to dealing with the customer, and be responsible for the management and monitoring of incidents that may involve different levels. Being able to differentiate the origin of them and the best guidelines for a resolution.

They will be integrated into the team of professionals who are currently performing similar tasks. You are required high proactive skills, teamwork, management skills / technical leadership and autonomy from the detection of the need to the implementation of the solution.